I used to think that a great pair of speakers often goes unnoticed—except by appreciative performers and those with exceptionally sensitive ears.

However, Living Voice Vox Olympian Horn Loudspeakers aims for just the opposite.  Their brand of excellence has taken sound technology into uncharted territory.  speakers2

Starting with their huge walk-in-three-dimensional sound world (with radiant tonality and natural dynamic energy), these speakers have been created to please not only your senses of sight and sound.  No more wondering if you can get your music to a higher level of quality or if you can get louder.

speakers5 Each design seems to hit a new target with unique and exceptional sound quality.


Creating something so perfect and exclusive isn’t so easy.  Its takes 5 hand-skilled artisans putting in 2,000 man hours just to put together a pair of these loudspeakers. 1,400 hours is needed for the cabinets and a good 600 hours for the bronze, silver, and gold work.  Absolute attention is needed to get them looking and sounding just right.

Bespoke?  But of course!  How else could they get to the heart of your music matter?
Maximizing the quality of your listening experience involves many considerations including the dimensions of your room, its reverberant characteristics, the distance of the listening zone from the loudspeakers, and so on.  It is this specificities of the area combined with the absolute quality of the electronics that distinguishes a ‘state of the art’ Definitive Audio System from an ‘off the peg’ option.

Ready to order yours?

I think I’m taking four, one of each corner of my house.


Buy one now

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