17th Century Monastero di Santa Rosa : Now a Boutique Luxury Hotel where God’s Light Shines Brighter Than Ever

“A superb vision which hovers over the coast like the wing of an angel.”

A superb vision which hovers over the coast like the wing of an angel in Italy.

Imagine living in a “sky-swimming” 17th-century monastery hanging off the top of a dramatic cliff in Conca dei Marini, Italy.


Umoon-nightThe home of traditional, black habit cap attired nuns, that loved baking delicious handmade desserts — their specialty “sfogliatelle”, a shell-shaped, cream filled pastry, that became known as ‘Santa Rosa’ — today the former monastery has been painstakingly restored into a boutique, luxury hotel.  Ms. Bianca, the new owner, purchased the monastery  in 2002 and began a decade-long quest to restore the former monastery into one of Italy’s, and perhaps the world’s, most exquisite retreats.


Uoutside-fireplaceMs. Bianca dedicated the restoration to keeping the memory of the sisters, who stood for glory, hospitality and honorable history, alive.  Today in place of the former monastery stands a strikingly beautiful resort and spa that overlooks a magnificent deep blue sea.

Each guest room exudes a sense of tranquility of the nuns whom previously stayed here.   Monastero di Sananta Rosa is an intimate retreat that’s consistently bathed in the angelic sunlight of the Amalfi Coast.  Ms. Bianca prime focus, during development, was never lose the view of the beautiful vistas while creating an elegant ambiance,  graced by timeless Italian one-of-a-kind antiques.  She achieved her vision and once again Monsastero di Santa Rosa stands for glory, hospitality and honorable history.




Uspa-thermal-roomThe main structure of the nuns’ rooms and refectory have been preserved and linked together with a total of 20 en-suites to create extravagant bedrooms, each with a mesmerizing sea view stretching from the Conca dei Marini’s fishing harbor below to Amalfi beyond.

pool-femaleThe resort is located approximately 175 miles southeast of Rome, and available for any kind of ceremony which can be held alfresco throughout the hotel’s manicured gardens or the grounds at day, sunset, or evening.  After the sun sets, the atmosphere is truly mesmerizing as the moon reflects off the sea and a glow shines over the terraced walkways and paths that slope down four levels, landing at the infinity pool.  God  appears to still shine down brightly on this most beautiful spot of our world.

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  1. Angie, how could they replicate heaven? Has God been informed about it?

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