World’s Finest Pianos Exquisitely Tailored To Match Each Pianist

For the real musician, at heart, the relationship between his music and his instrument is really quite unique.  He fills his instrument with his breath of life, making it come alive and making it his very own. Between the notes and the pauses that generate our “ahs”,  is where art begins.

heroNonetheless many think that a piano is just a piano and a cigar is just a cigar.  Others know better.

Every piano typically is made out of much wood and wires, with little hammers and big ones, and ivory. Yet to make it your own so that you are as close to being in unison with it as possible there’s much you can do.  One way to make it your own is to try; to try and make it do everything to come alive when your fingers touch it such that you reach deep down inside your audience’s souls.  Though if you truly want a piano that’s an extension of you, your style, your personality,  and your passion then any piano won’t do because there’s a way to have the world’s finest custom made piano, created just for you.

hero011066 Pianos has more than three generations of experience both building and reconditioning thousands of pianos.  1066 understand that the experience is more than personal for the musician that plans to own one of their creations.  And that is why the bespoke piano company has assembled the finest craftsmen, acousticians, trimmers, electronics experts and fitters to channel their unique skills and expertise into creating one of a kind masterpieces.  And in this particular kind of work experience is everything.

whiteThese one of a kind, hands on musical creations, live up to their reputation as exceptional instruments that possess a unique pure-bred dynamism.  Aptly named  “Reborn” each one comes alive to their individual owner, as each expresses and interprets its owner’s thoughts through the music. So it should come as no surprise that each craftsman invests over 300 hours creating the stunning detailed work that each 1066 piano exudes both inside and out.

trulybespoke1To the pianist one of the most pleasurable moments is the delightful sensations of running his fingers across finely balanced keys.  Play a 1066  and the pleasure will exceed your expectations as at 1066 Pianos each individual note is exquisitely measured and calculated before being weighted to ensure optimum responsiveness.


Sound like music to your ears?  If so then visit the 1066 Pianos and you’ll discover a place where freedom has no limitations and personalization has true meaning.


Order your bespoke piano today.

Here’s a  couple of pianist and their piano personalities coming to life in more than one way.

Just for fun

“(Referring to the piano’s natural shape) Isn’t it a shame when those big fat opera singers lean against the pianos and bend them?”

― Victor Borge

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  1. That is funny.

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