Travel Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

Staying at the Four Seasons,  Ritz Carlton or One & Only is always an exceptional experience.  The service is second to none, the rooms exquisite and the locations remarkable.   You’ll relax in beautiful surroundings,  be catered to “head to foot,” be fed some of the best meals and yet somehow it’s just the same – another luxury hotel in a beautiful location, and despite the privileged accommodations we know that nearby lies an entirely “other world” of  locations and sites typically reserved for the likes of dignitaries and heads of state.

luxury-travel-mongolia3At LaLuxore we have an obsession for sharing services and products that are atypical, yet luxurious. So we are thrilled to share with our readers a service for travelers that want more than another luxury hotel and instead desire to experience the destinations they travel to in a style that traditionally has been reserved for privileged few –  those that possess the connections and knowledge to open doors to places that most people never dream about.

Urbane Nomads is a travel company that goes out of its way to offer vacation experiences beyond our wildest dreams. The bespoke travel-adventure company specializes in taking travelers to destinations and  delivering extraordinary, luxury travel experiences.

With a powerful rolodex – probably an iPhone now – and vivid imaginations the team behind Urbane Nomads make travel arrangements for  guests to visit far off places and obtain entrance to locations that would otherwise be extremely difficult to garner.

Their list of trips and exclusive access locations is vast though examples of privileged locations to visit include a warlord’s fortress in Afghanistan,  a private concert in a 14th century Mamluk palace in Syria,   the Bamiyan Valley, where the Buddhas of Bamiyan were located, and the lakes of Band-i-Amir, a spot dubbed by Time Magazine as being “among the world’s least visited yet most dramatic natural wonders.”

Hyperbole exists in travel sales yet this is one company that delivers on their promises.  Urbane Nomads makes it possible to experience destinations and locations in a way that few ever will.   The company facilitates both the top names in local luxury accommodation, and shares privileged access to personalities with intimate knowledge of far-out sites and locations.   Somewhat akin to “behind-the-scene” travel, Urbane Nomads’  bespoke travel service is a key that unlocks the doorways to some of the world’s remote, and fascinating places.

Perhaps it’s time to consider a trip to one of the planet’s most mysterious locations – Afghanistan.  The Urbane Nomads’ luxury trip to Afghanistan is luxurious in the non-traditional sense in that through their local connections you’ll be granted unparalleled access to the countries’ most significant sites.

You’ll get to experience Afghanistan from the vantage point of “conquerors and travelers whose names till today are  synonymous with notions of great empires and expeditions –  each of whom, perhaps like you, were lured to visit the country for its geopolitical importance, and, due to the confluence of the various civilizations – its history, culture and religions.  This trip will take you through locations and events that had a hand in shaping the history and future of Afghanistan, the world and  immortalized the country in our popular imagination.”

If Afghanistan a bit too far out on the edge then consider a trip to Italy – a country justifiably renowned for its urban refinements and where Urbane Nomads will arrange, amongst other adventures,  for you to visit the Sistine Chapel and have it closed off for your exclusive pleasures.  Here you’ll experience art-oriented tours led by historians,  stay in some of the most gloriously restored private palazzos and villas including one’s designed by none other than Michaelangelo.

Craving a more more exotic trip than Italy and less on the edge than Afghanistan then consider traveling to Putao, the capital of Kachin state, north-east of Myanmar,  a location that you can reach only be plane.   As part of the Urbane Nomads’ Myanmar itinerary you’ll experience an early morning balloon trip over Bagan, a horse cart ride through its temples and then experience the privilege of interacting with the young monks of the monasteries. From Bagan, you’ll move to Mount Popa, a place believed to be the habitat of nats (spirits) and where the mystical silhouette of Mount Popa, with its gold-spired monastery hinged at the top, seems like an almost believable abode for otherworldly beings. You will be based at the Popa Mountain Resort where you’ll get (should you be so strategically placed) a view of Mount Popa and that golden-spired monastery. The climb up Mount Popa isn’t easy- reputedly 777 stairs to reach the monastery, should you be so inclined.


Regardless of your taste in luxury and adventure, if you’re looking for travel that’s steeped in culture, in a style of privileged access then you owe it to yourself to check out the remarkable variety of luxury adventures offered by Urbane Nomads.

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