Undoubtedly the World’s Most Beautiful Motor Boat

J Craft made a royal entrance into the world of boat making.  Their very first boat was acquired by the King of Sweden in 1999, and since the company has continued to create and produce the world’s most beautiful speed boat, namely the J Craft Torpedo.


And it’s no accident that the most beautiful speed boat comes out of Sweden.  Why? If not for ships there would not have been víkingr.  And if it were not for exceptional shipbuilding skills, and the creation of ships that were able to withstand the dangerous waters of North Atlantic, the Norse would have failed at establishing settlements and outposts.  In other words, Sweden’s story is the story of boat making.


Given this backdrop, the superior nature of the J Craft Torpedo makes perfect sense.  The J Craft though is a boat of two characters.  As the team at J Craft is not primarily concerned for the survival of their countries’ people, they had the opportunity to create a boat that is both luxurious and endowed with tremendous sea-going ability. 


Standard fare is a 42 foot cruiser with gorgeous  hull,  pinstriped mahogany deck,  and  exquisite finishings, that include a handmade mahogany Nardi steering wheel; a wheel fittingly from the world’s most iconic sports car –  the legendary Ferrari 250 GTO.  And if you’re ever near a J Craft you’ll sense that it’s not just any speed boat.  


The Torpedo is the result of a passion for excellence that stems from a marriage between beautiful materials, exquisite engineering details, distinctive design and state-of-the-art technology.  Simple things, imperceptible to most, but that subliminally add to the pleasure of owning a Torpedo are found throughout.  


The result though is always the same:  a motor boat that is both chic, highly capable –  one that looks and feels equally comfortable navigating choppy waters or moored in a marina along the Riviera or cruising Lake Como.  Yet what further separates the J Craft from the pack is that each one is highly, custom tailored to fit  its owner’s needs.   


Ordering a J Craft is akin to commissioning a piece of art.  The Torpedo is an infinitely tailorable vessel from things unseen, such as powertrains to onboard technology,  down to the smallest detail on the deck.   

The limit?  Your imagination.  

The reward?  A motor boat that’s as beautiful as they come.

Order Yours

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