Travel That Is All About The Experience

Only a decade ago consumers were awed by the likes of experiential restaurant escapes such as the Rain Forrest Cafe.  Sure it was great, different and a local way to escape from the routines of life, without taking a trip to the Amazon.  Times have changed though and so have our values and desires for truly life altering experiences.


Travel companies, in particular,  have taken what they offer up a notch,  so that pretty views from a fancy hotel room, and contrived forrest scenery, simply don’t cut it anymore, especially for those of us looking to experience life to the fullest.

15Welcome to the world of bespoke travel, where your vacation is no longer a cookie cutter experience, and instead one that is perfectly tailored to your specific tastes and style.

1Eleven Experience is, one such company, that is, as they say,  “all about the Experience.”   Eleven features a collection of gorgeous properties located in exotic destinations including the Colorado Rockies, the French Alps, remote northern Iceland, Harbour Island Bahamas, and the English countryside.

Each of their properties,  from immaculately renovated lodges, beach homes and historic farmhouses, offer vacationers all the comforts of the finest hotels, though what separates them from traditional upscale, hotel vacations,  and do it yourself villa rentals is the planning of activities that you get to enjoy.

3Eleven’s team specializes in creating bespoke travel itineraries that include everything from heli-skiing the slopes of an Arctic volcano, fly-fishing, rock climbing, river rafting, to sea kayaking.

So what’s on tap for the remainder of the summer?  

Eleven Experience is offering a select few travelers,  a number of awe-inspiring adventures,  where the days are packed with the ultimate in adventures and the evenings designed to be spent lavishing in luxurious accommodations.


Ready to take your Fly Fishing skills to another level?   Eleven Experience has the ultimate Fly Fishing getaway planned where you’ll spend four days, under the supervision of world renowned fly fisherman and photographer Brian O’Keefe, in the rivers of Colorado’s stunning Elk Range.   Your vacation will culminate in an helicopter excursion to the infamous waters of Roaring Fork.  

And after the sun sets, and you’ve brushed up on your fly fishing skills, you’ll return to your base  at Eleven Experience’s chic Scarp Ridge Lodge, located in Crested Butte, one of the most beautiful settings on Earth.


Scarp Ridge is a former 19th-century brothel that has been reborn as a 7-bedroom luxury getaway featuring salvaged antique oak floors, vintage wood beams, and gorgeous stone that gives the place a chic, updated character.  Scarp Ridge Lodge is fantasy destination that features an indoor saltwater pool, an outdoor roof deck with a hot tub,  private chef, a concierge and a guide team.


If world class fly fishing doesn’t do it for you and you are looking for a more adrenaline pumping experience, you may want to consider the Three Day Off Road Clinic.

Your base will be at the Scarp Ridge Lodge though your days will be occupied by off road driving adventures on the Elk Range.  If you’re thinking where’s the luxury in driving a high powered machine, think again, as Eleven Experience has you covered.

Each day, after “you against the trails” on the Elk Range,  you’ll take time for, a beautiful, daily picnic at a spot that’s been specially selected for its stunning views.  Then you’ll head back to your cars before returning to Scarp Ridge where you’ll sooth your body and mind,  tell stories of the days adventures, while lounging in one of Scarp Ridges’ pools or hot tub.


“Fly fishing and off-road driving aren’t your style then perhaps a trip to Iceland, Tarentaise valley in the savoie region of the French Alps, or the Bahamas are better suited to your personal taste for luxe adventure?”  Select a destination and, “like an exquisite Italian suit or custom-designed Swiss watch,” Eleven Experience will create a bespoke itinerary that’s perfectly-tailored to your needs.


As they say,  “Whether you’re salmon fishing for the first time or the 100th; whether you’re an amateur sea kayaker or an expert, Eleven will create an Experience for you. No schedules. No ordinary. Bespoke.”


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